Tuesday, February 1, 2011

JFK Airport future runway expansion into Jamaica Bay ?


This article from the NY Times ( I hope u can open it ) hypothetically says filling in part of Jamaica Bay to extend a new runway into the Jamaica bay. If not able to open link -- search this article "To Expand, Airports May Need Radical Alterations, Report Says by Patrick Macgeegan

Published: January 26, 2011 "

see excerpt:

Among the alternatives, he said, would be to fill in part of Jamaica Bay and construct a new runway parallel to the existing runway used by the giant trans-Atlantic passenger jets. Getting approval for that option would entail not only overcoming opposition from environmental groups but also changing the federal law that created the Gateway National Recreation Area, which explicitly prohibits expanding the airport into the bay.

The deterioration and slow death of Jamaica Bay marshes by nitrogen sewage and runoff is cumulatively impacted by more coastal development ( like 4 sparrow proposal) with surface runoff of pollutants and oils ,etc ( and I am sure airport runways add in as well...) It all adds up...

Let's just hope the environmentalists coalition is still strong then if this JFK battle looms large.