Thursday, May 27, 2010

Message from Scenic Hudson: NYS Environmental Fund

State Environmental Funding in Danger of Extinction

Dear Peter,

I'm writing from Albany, where I've just learned that your legislative leaders and Gov. David Paterson may be hours away from mortgaging the future of the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF). Vital to protecting the Hudson Valley's treasured natural resources-our river, farms, waterfronts and open spaces, the EPF is the heart of New York's environmental capacity and protection.

The environment is our economy and our quality of life

Perhaps only hours away, your leaders in Albany are negotiating a political compromise to deplete the EPF for other purposes than protecting clean drinking water, safeguarding vanishing farmland and supporting the beautiful natural landscapes that help support our $4.7 billion dollar tourist economy and its 80,000 jobs. A clean and beautiful Hudson Valley is a leading attraction for new business and jobs creation. Your leaders in Albany need to hear from you TODAY that these resources remain a priority for all of us in the Hudson Valley and across the state.

Your past calls -- and today's -- matter

When asked to call earlier this month, you spoke and they listened. The EPF suffered a disproportionate cut when compared to other sectors of the budget but it remained dedicated to those precious environmental principles for which it was created -- green infrastructure investment, environmental conservation and public health protection. But political winds in Albany can change quickly and that is why we need you to act again today.

With a gravely misguided deal just hours away from forfeiting those goals, NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

Contact your Senator, Assembly and Gov. Paterson: TODAY

Use this link to verify the names of your local lawmakers, then make three calls:

NYS Assembly switchboard: 518 455 4100
NYS Senate switchboard: 518 455 2800
Gov. David Paterson: 518 474 8390
Tell them the EPF and programs like the Hudson River Estuary Program and Open Space protection work for the Hudson Valley's economic and environmental future and should not be sacrificed. Tell them to maintain the integrity of the EPF and use it only for its intended purposes.

Thanks for all that you do.

Andy Bicking
Director of Public Policy