Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bird tower kills Audubon Alert

Acting Commissioner Michael Copps
Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW, Room: 8-B115
Washington, DC 20554

Dear Acting Commissioner Copps:

As one of the millions of Americans who cherish our nation's
native wild birds, I support the petition for expedited
rulemaking and other relief filed by American Bird Conservancy,
Defenders of Wildlife and National Audubon Society on April 14,
2009. I urge the FCC to take action to prevent the needless
killing of millions of migratory birds at communications towers.
These bird deaths can be prevented without affecting the
development and operation of telecommunication services and
without compromising on aviation safety.

Scientists have shown that -- especially during bad weather
conditions -- migrating birds become disoriented and trapped by
the halo of light surrounding towers using steady-burning
illumination, circling endlessly until they either collide with
the structure, collide with each other, or fall dead from

Given the overwhelming scientific evidence that communications
towers kill birds, and the existence of science-based guidelines
from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on siting and operation
of these towers, it is appalling that the FCC is failing to
conduct any meaningful environmental review of tower
applications, and continues in its refusal to adopt any
meaningful regulatory changes or mitigation measures to avoid or
minimize the killing of America's birds.

The FCC should act now to take meaningful action and grant the
petition filed on April 14 to significantly reduce the millions
of bird deaths caused by communications towers. Thank you in
advance for your attention to this matter.

Peter Dorosh
President ,Brooklyn Bird Club