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Fwd: Protect Michigan's Birds: Stand Up for Bird-Smart Wind Energy

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Subject: Protect Michigan's Birds: Stand Up for Bird-Smart Wind Energy

Short-eared Owl, Randimal/Shutterstock

Please stand up for birds that rely on habitat in an essential migratory corridor in Huron County, Michigan, where more than 300 large wind turbines already exist and as many as 900 more are planned.

Thousands of migratory birds pass through this area every year. The addition of hundreds of wind turbines increases the gauntlet of challenges faced by these birds. Potential casualties include threatened and endangered species like Piping Plover, Kirtland’s Warbler, Henslow’s Sparrow, Bald Eagle, and Short-eared Owl (pictured).

Alternative energy is critically important, but we strongly believe that wind energy is not smart unless it's bird-smart. Please voice your concerns today about the additional turbines proposed for important bird habitat in Huron County, Michigan!

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