Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Fwd: BREAKING NEWS on Plum Island!

Great news for birds!! ( North fork LI)

But frost, like the crystallized dreams of autumn, began to coat the clearing with its sugar glaze.     
---Victoria Steele Logue, author

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Subject: BREAKING NEWS on Plum Island!

Congress opens path to permanent conservation

After eight years of advocacy, it's official: no auction for Plum Island! Now the next steps can begin.

Last night Congress passed a federal budget package that repeals the auction of the island. Now the path is finally open for permanent protection of this unique place and its critical habitats, endangered wildlife, and cultural history. Read more in our Preserve Plum Island Coalition press release.

This wouldn't have happened without the leadership of our partners in Congress. The entire New York and Connecticut delegations have worked tirelessly, and on this latest effort we especially owe gratitude to Senators Schumer, Murphy, and Blumenthal, and Congressmen and -women Zeldin, DeLauro, Lowey, and Courtney. 

And it also couldn't have happened without immense support and consistent action from all of you. If you ever emailed your senator or representative, signed a petition, supported Save the Sound's advocates with your membership dollars, or joined a Plunge or Paddle for Plum Island, you helped make today's victory happen.


Now the next steps—finding the right long-term owner for this special place and implementing the Envision Plum Island plan—can begin. We can't wait to work with you to ensure Plum Island stays in the public's hands forever.


As always, for questions about Plum Island contact:

Louise Harrison (in NY) - lharrison@savethesound.org

Chris Cryder (in CT) - ccryder@savethesound.org

Save the Sound is the unified name for Connecticut Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound.

Our mission, programs, and expert team remain the same: committed to fighting climate change, conserving threatened lands, improving water quality in the Sound and its river, and working with nature to restore ecosystems.

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