Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ridgewood Reservoir needs your urgent action !

Dear Birders and Nature supporters:


 (click on link above ,then click on the attached letter to enlarge after reading this urgent post)

There is a required time we as a birding community need to unite in conserving our city's natural resources particularly a birding hotspot like Ridgewood Reservoir on the Brooklyn /Queens border. Silence cannot help unless we act in the best interests of our birds , habitats and natural biodiversity.

For the past few years ever since its fortunate timely discovery, Ridgewood Reservoir has been at the foreground a battleground between the park's conservationist advocates with the supporting communities versus the NYC Parks Department over its future . Ridgewood Reservoir's ecological balance and integrity ( especially as a critical watershed for Jamaica Bay) is under dire threat from development --namely ballfields inside the reservoir's basin--by NYC Parks, potentially impacting wildlife and habitats severely, unless you take action. The only recourse LEFT was to appeal to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) for its preservation as a rich wetland with its supporting rich woodlands.

Attached above at the header is a link to an important announcement letter sent out by the non-profit organization Highland Park/ Ridgewood Reservoir Alliance. Please read and we hope you will write a letter based on its contents. No matter how well versed or whatever its length ( best one page or less is fine) , any concise letter sent to NYSDEC receives attention . It is the number of letters stressing concerns for preservation that makes the greatest impact for NYSDEC to designate Ridgewood Reservoir stringent protective wetland status.

It is our strong belief as birders we each must be a conservationist- in whatever measure- in saving our habitats for birds and wildlife now and for future generations assuring enjoyment for the general public of all ages. You do make a difference ! Please write in saving a viable  critically important birding location in support of our birds ,our natural riches and in supporting our friends at Highland Park and Ridgewood Reservoir Alliance. It is hoped someday  this wonderful greenspot will be a nature preserve with a visitors center,  for exploring nature, particularly for children the primary benefactors .Click on the link above at the heading and act for conservation of an urban treasure.Remember: the more of us replying to NYSDEC, the better.


Your friends at Brooklyn Bird Club