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Fwd: 5 simple ways to make a better world for birds

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5 things you can do to help birds
So you say you love birds, Friend. That means you want a healthier, safer world for them. With these simple ideas, you can show it — and you can start today.
Juvenile Northern Mockingbird at an American pokeweed
Juvenile Northern Mockingbird at an American pokeweed
1. Make your yard an oasis for birds.
All birds need clean water, food, and cover. When you hang a feeder, build a brush pile, create a birdbath, or fill your garden with native plants, birds get their necessities — and you get backyard visitors who bring color, song, and wonder to your world. Learn More
Great Backyard Bird Count
Great Backyard Bird Count
2. Become a scientist.
You don't need to be an expert to become a citizen scientist. When you participate in programs like Audubon's Christmas Bird Count and Hummingbirds at Home, you become part of our critical effort to understand how birds are faring, with the data you supply helping to inform and shape Audubon's bird-saving work. Learn More
Wilson's Warbler
Wilson's Warbler
3. Create communities.
Inspire new bird lovers by sharing your passion for birds with family and friends, and take it to the next level by joining or starting conservation programs where you live. What's good for birds is good for people, too, so everything you do to take part in a bird-friendly community pays off for us all. Learn More
American Kestrel
American Kestrel
4. Be the voice for birds.
You care about birds — so speak up for them! They can't sign petitions, contact their reps, or vote, but you can. Joining in Audubon's advocacy efforts is as simple as signing up for our periodic action alerts. When there's a chance to lend your voice to benefit birds, we'll let you know what to do. Learn More
Pine Siskin and American Goldfinch
Pine Siskin and American Goldfinch
5. Keep cats inside.
Your gentle kitty may want to roam free, but when Mittens gets outside, she becomes a menace to the birds in your backyard: It's estimated that up to 3.7 million birds a year are killed by America's outdoor cats. Keep your cat indoors, where she can watch wildlife safely from a windowsill — not only is it better for the birds, she'll stay safer, too.
Listen, we're not saying saving birds is a quick and easy job. It takes time, passion, and determination, and it's going to take all of us sharing the effort. But every simple act each of us takes is an important part of the bigger picture: We're making a better world for birds, and we're doing it together.
Photos from top: Dave Maslowski; Camilla Cerea; David Liittschwager; Kristen Mauzy/Audubon Photography Awards; Gerald Hiam
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