Thursday, February 13, 2014

“Compensatory Mitigation Banking”

From Peter Post

Destroying Wetlands.

 The NYC Group and the Atlantic Chapter are fighting a dangerous policy – “compensatory mitigation banking” (see here: – that would allow existing, naturally-occurring Hudson and East River and other NYC coastal and wetland habitats to be destroyed by development projects that would be “paid for” by “rehabilitated” wetlands or coastal lands elsewhere. The NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is asking the U.S. Army Corps of engineers to approve the first-ever “compensatory mitigation bank” for NYC. The Atlantic Chapter sent a letter to the Corps (read here: opposing this "shell game" that would facilitate illegal, environmentally destructive in-water development in irreplaceable waterways and wetlands. You can help by writing to Mayor Bill deBlasio, City Hall, NY. NY 10007 and urge him to stop subsidizing development in the Hudson River and other waters, and to cancel EDC plans to use fraudulent "mitigation banking" schemes to make end-runs around the environmental laws that protect aquatic resources, in order to facilitate costly development in the wrong places.