Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pouch Camp ( Greenbelt , Staten Island) update

From Pine -Oak Woods Protectors Conservation group email:
Dear member of Protectors' E-mail Network,

There is a great opportunity to get the money to purchase the conservation easement over Phase II of Pouch Camp. It would help if you will contact ourState legislators using the sample letter as a guide. The attached list of legislators are the public servants who need to be prompted to act. Let them know why you care about Pouch and the Greenbelt and ask that they fight for the proposed

Please send a copy of your letter to
editor@siadvance.com Remember that they will not accept attachments and that you must provide your name, address and phone. They will print only your name.

The State Budget is being negotiated with our legislators beginning now through early March. Please make contact during February.

Thank you for helping all of our Greenbelt to be permanently protected!
Ellen Pratt
New York State Elected Officials, as of 01-01-13

NYS Assembly

Assemblyman Joseph Borelli
101 Tyrellan Avenue
Staten Island, NY  10309
Phone:  718-967-4194

Assemblyman Michael Cusick
1911 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY  10314
Phone:  718-370-1384

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis
11 Maplewood Place
Staten Island, NY  10306
Phone:  718-987-0197

Assemblyman Matthew Titone
853 Forest Avenue
Staten Island, NY  10310
Phone:  718-442-9932

NYS Senate

Senator Andrew Lanza
3845 Richmond Avenue
Staten Island, NY  10312
Phone:  718-984-4073

Senator Diane Savino
36 Richmond Terrace, Suite 112
Staten Island, NY  10301
Phone:  718-727-9406


Hon. Andrew Cuomo
Governor of the State of New York
New York State Capitol Building
Albany, NY  12224
Email:  [go to web site]
Phone:  518-474-8390
Sample letter –  can be modified
                                                                                                  your address, e-mail
                                                                                                       address and date

Dear Senator/ Assemblyman - Assemblywoman,

        It’s wonderful news! N.Y.State’s Department of Environmental Conservation  has proposed to designate $5 million of the State’s Environmental Protection Fund to purchase a conservation easement over the 23 acres of Pouch Camp nearest the still-mapped Richmond Parkway Corridor, the area identified as Phase II on the map of Pouch Camp.

        We ask you and urge you to fight to be certain that this recommended $5 million  allocation is included in the final version of the FY2014 State Budget.  We know that you recognize that this acreage is at the heart of the Greenbelt. It is crucial to the maintenance of  Pouch Camp as the jewel of the Greenbelt and City’s only Boy Scout Camp.  143 acre Pouch Camp is open year round and the conservation easement over this parcel will enable increased public access to this portion of Pouch Camp. Pouch Camp enables many underserved Metropolitan Area youth to experience the outdoors for the first time.  It provides a priceless resource for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and YMCA outdoor programs and for limited use by the public.

        As you know from “The Greenbelt in Crisis: Save Pouch Camp,” the book produced by Protectors of Pine Oak Woods which we gave you in 2011, Pouch Camp contains a variety of rich botanical and wetland habitats which support the annual migration of millions of birds, song birds and the survival of many mammals, amphibians and reptiles.
Also, the Camp is a great environmental education and outdoor recreation resource.

        Pouch Camp encompasses two watersheds, New Creek and Richmond Creek. It provides natural and stable flood prevention and water management within the entire mid-island area.  With the abundance of wetlands on our coastal island, management of water resources and flood prevention is a crucial need, as shown by the destructive power of  recent storms and Sandy storm surge.

       We are very fortunate that  N.Y.S.D.E.C. has proposed to give so much funding for the preservation of Pouch Camp and our Greenbelt.  Please work very hard to make sure that D.E.C.’s proposed $5 million for Pouch Camp is approved  in the FY2014 State Budget.