Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NYC releases its Wetland Protection policy draft proposal



The attachment in the link above ( "Read On"  in the second link ) is a very important conservation proposal put out by our city Jan 18th ( last Thursday) . The draft is 63 pages long but necessary to understand how critical this proposal is in the fight to save places like 4 Sparrow Marsh ( 64 acres) which the latest development plan threatens the marsh ecology with a large car dealership Kristol Auto next door at the current Toys R Us site; Kristol Auto is under investigation by the NY State Dept of Environment Conservation (NYSDEC) for its current location elsewhere for brownfield contamination

And in the long fight as well for Ridgewood Reservoir , Still under determination by NYSDEC to declare Wetland which carries restrictive protection from the city's plan to build ballfields inside the reservoir ( for more if you haven't been apprised-->  http://ridgewoodreservoir.blogspot.com/

If you can comment on the proposed Wetlands policy, please do even if it isn't much. The deadline is February 18th.

Thanks for Brooklyn's birds and her habitats !