Friday, November 5, 2010

Pine Barren Society action on Carmans River

Long Island Pine Barrens Society – November Update

Carmans River Plan Faces Calmer Waters

On October 20, the Society joined Brookhaven Town Supervisor Mark Lesko and other government officials to announce an agreement to protect the Carmans River from intrusive development. The initiative calls for a 90 day time out on all final development decisions surrounding the river. In the interim, a scientific based study will be conducted to analyze cumulative impacts associated with existing and proposed development in the watershed area and define a defensible watershed boundary. A formal Carmans River Study group led by Lee Koppelman, joined by several members of Brookhaven Town, the Central Pine Barrens Commission, the Department of Environmental Conservation and non-governmental stakeholders will draw upon the expertise of an appointed Technical Advisory Group to develop an official Carmans River Watershed Comprehensive Preservation and Management Plan. A final plan is set to be presented to Brookhaven Town Board for consideration of approval in January.

The Carmans River stretches 10 miles from North of Middle Country Road to the Great South Bay. It is designated by New York State as a “Recreational River” and is home to many species of endangered wildlife and native plants.

Society Sues Legislature for Making a Gift of Public Assets for Private Benefit

The Society has filed suit against the Suffolk County Legislature to prevent farmers from building on land where development rights have been sold and purchased by the County with taxpayer’s money. The suit asks that Suffolk prevent farm owners who have sold their development rights from developing on the land nonetheless.

The Society is challenging recent changes to the County’s Agricultural Regulations, which for the first time, explicitly authorizes development on land from which the public has purchased the development rights. It is unconstitutional for government to make a gift of public assets for private benefit, the suit says.

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