Thursday, July 30, 2009

Proposed new Brooklyn Botanic Garden visitors center:A potential window collision bird deathtrap?

I got this email thru my subscription Brooklyn Papers.One of the links which i am attaching here, is about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's proposed new visitor's's all glass from the sketch i see ( they said the design won a green award...wondering if birds were thought of as one of the criteria) .I cant tell how high the building will be or whatever but its going to be 22,000 square feet ( so it says).

That's not good for a birding spot that potentially could see bird collisions.

if you can't open the link, go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's website which i think is ( or google it)I will be sending an inquiry to them asking for more details on the glass structure and composite of that glass.For more information about the dangers of reflective glass upon birds, see Project Safe flight or American Bird Conservancy