Saturday, November 29, 2008

Window Kills

One of my club members corresponded to me regarding bird window kills:

Hello Peter,
I'm very disturbed by the dead birds I've found that have crashed into bridges between buildings during migration season (I think I've written to people about this earlier this fall). I found a dead hermit thrush below the bridge connecting the new annex at my school (Midwood H.S. on Bedford Ave), and a junco at MetroTech. Is there some way we could get those stickers of birds from maybe the Audubon Society to put up in these places (Long Island College Hospital also has a bridge, and the Atlantic center Mall where I once found a dead goldfinch). Can we contact Marty Markowitz and the Brooklyn Paper for support in putting up these stickers before next spring migration?
Thank you!

Please check out this link for more information on how you can help: